Alexandre Jardin


With a degree in political science and a love of literature, Alexandre JARDIN is above all one of the greatest French writers of his time.

Bille en tête (Prix du Premier Roman 1986), Le Zèbre (Prix Fémina 1988), Fanfan, Le Petit Sauvage, L’île des gauchers, Le Roman des Jardin… his books are still proving phenomenally successful.

Chronicler and Producer, the advice of this prolific author is: "you shouldn't keep the same books throughout your whole life. You are as old as your library. "

The common theme of all his stories? Love… Alexandre JARDIN captures monotony and rediscovering the first flame of love. He questions. "Do we love real beings or rather the opinion we build up of them? "

As for happiness, according to the Writer "it belongs to those who tell succulent stories and who have the ability – or the courage – to believe in them! "

Based on his personal experiences, marked by his past, he reminds us that "those who haven't experienced anything are not entitled to the comfort of judgement and those who haven't had their wings burned know nothing about fire".

Convinced that you need courage to be daring, Alexandre JARDIN will share his optimism and his contagious joie de vivre with us: Its amazing how joy decalcifies, renovates, drives, boosts! "

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