Catherine Nay


Born in Périgord, France, Reine Catherine, as she is nicknamed, started out studying Law, before joining the Journalism trade.

Aged just 25, Catherine NAY entered the politics department of l’Express, before joining Europe 1, for most of her career, and a few years later became Adviser to Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, the channel's President at the time.

A prolific, caustic, sometimes incisive, but delightful author, she has portrayed the careers and deeds of Presidents of the Fifth Republic, such as François Mitterrand, Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy.

Among her very numerous works we can highlight “Les Sept Mitterrand, ou les Métamorphoses d'un septennat”, “Le Dauphin et le Régent”, “Un pouvoir nommé désir” and “L'Impétueux : Tourments, tourmentes, crises et tempêtes”.

When she is not writing, Catherine NAY takes part in the Grand Journal de Canal+ and in a number of programmes like “Europe Soir : le 18/20”, “Le débat des grandes voix d'Europe 1” and “C dans l'air”.

Since last January, she has been writing a column in Le Journal du Dimanche where she portrays the candidates for the 2022 presidential campaign.

Cultivating her innate way with words and her characteristic novelistic intensity, the writer of “Souvenirs, souvenirs”, has just published a second tender and colourful instalment of her memoirs, entitled “Tu le sais bien, le temps passe”, both well placed on the best-sellers list.

After 30 years observing the world of politics, the journalist will now entertain us on the subject: Souvenirs, anecdotes, choses vues. Les bonheurs et vertiges du temps qui passe.

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