Fabrice d’Almeida


The equation is simple. Half of the world population is suffering from its poor purchasing power and wondering how to make ends meet.

The rich have been criticised for their hoarding and their privilege for a long time. Myths have been built around it.

As if billionaires dreamed about consuming everything, owning everything and dominating everything. As if caviar and diamonds were their only passions.

But every great fortune hides its own personal adventure. Apart from money, none of them is like any other.

Their ambitions, their dreams, are their own. Builders have truly changed the world. We must explore the details of their existence in order to assess their role in the crises and the successes we have had and those to come.

Every great fortune occupies a different place in history. Many of them are aware of the public interest issues of their time. Others have benefited from the Bolsheviks or the Nazis to make their fortune. How have they justified their choices?

Today, what is their stance in the face of the climate crisis or poverty?

In the 1960s, the artist Roland Topor said that in the future the real rich would not be those that lived off their interest, like the rentiers of the past, but those that would reap the fruits of the interest made on their interest. History has proved him right.

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