Georges-Louis Bouchez


Born in Hainaut in 1986, the grandson of a miner, Georges-Louis Bouchez has been passionate about politics and debate since childhood.

From a humble background and a family not involved in politics, he owes his success to hard work and boundless commitment.

After a bachelor's degree in law from Saint-Louis, he obtained a master's degree in public law from ULB under the supervision of Marc Uyttendaele.

At 20 years of age, a young Georges-Louis Bouchez immersed himself in politics.

Top of the list in the 2012 municipal elections in Mons, he became Deputy Mayor for Finance and Employment.

In 2014 he was elected as a Walloon MP and in 2019, Charles Michel, then President of the MR, made him spokesman in the election campaign.

In 2019, he was appointed Senator and was elected President of the MR the same year with 62% of the vote!

Georges-Louis Bouchez has been intriguing people for a long time...

His many appearances in the media, his polemical stance and his determination to shake up the established order all suggest that such a hard-working, truth-telling man must be an exciting individual.

Georges-Louis Bouchez is a man who exasperates his opponents, who claims to detest opacity, the secrets of meetings held behind closed doors, all those things that drive people away from "politics".

The President of the MR, follows the path of liberalism unerringly.

He embodies and applies a truly liberal project.

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