Igor et Grichka Bogdanoff


French presenters, producers and essayists of Russian origin, Igor and Grichka BOGDANOFF have been big TV names since the 1970s, appearing in cult programmes on science, cosmology and science-fiction subjects.

The first has a post-graduate diploma in semiology and a PhD in theoretical physics, while the second is both a Sciences-Po graduate and a doctor of mathematics.

Both keen on astronomy, and unconventional characters it has to be said, concerned to explain scientific phenomena to the young generation, they published their first book “Clefs pour la science-fiction”, in 1976, which met with unprecedented success.

Yves MOUROUSI would be the first to come across them, offering them a start to their career in television on his programme Bon Appétit.

With Temps X, Un sur cinq, 2002-L’Odyssée du Futur, Projet X 13 and also Rayons X, the twin brothers were everywhere, and their rise was meteoric.

Nothing could stop them, not even the turn of the millenium! On occasion, they extolled the virtues of Club Internet, presented a special evening show for the original futuristic series Century City and started off Science X, soon renamed Science 2, before joining Laurent RUQUIER on On n’demande qu’à en rire and Les Grosses Têtes.

Columnists in Touche pas à mon poste and authors fascinated by Bernhard RIEMANN, the father of the famous “Riemannian geometry”, they published “L’Equation Dieu”.

The BOGDANOV brothers immerse us breathtakingly in the heart of this mathematical enigma which remains unsolved to this day, and which could well confirm that the Universe has a meaning... that it was not born by chance !

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