Johan Van den Driessche


Politician (N-VA)
• President of N-VA fraction at the Brussels Capital Region Parliament (since May 2014)
• Member of the Party's National Directorate
• Member of the Brussels City district council (since December 2012)

Work activities
• Independent company director
• Vyncke/Prometeus (Company of the year 2016) (Chairman of the Board)
• Beforehand:
• Chairman of KPMG European Tax Centre (2006 - 2009)
• Managing Partner of KPMG Tax & Legal, Belgium (1994 - 2006)
• Director of KPMG Belgium (1994-2006)

• "Vlaamse Pleiter" Prize (Vlaams Pleitgenootschap), 2011
• Remi Piryns Prize (Snellaert-Thymfonds), 2010
• Albert De Cuyper Commemorative Medal (VKB), 2005

Degree in business and science
Special degree in taxation

"I don't believe in Brussels because I live here, I came back to live in Brussels because I believe in Brussels. "

Concerning decision-making.
When two people constantly share the same opinion, one of them isn't needed. "

Concerning the assumption of responsibility:
"Anyone who leaves a company/organisation must leave it stronger than when they arrived. "

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