Mike Horn


Born in Johannesburg (South Africa), Explorer, Extreme Adventurer and Lecturer Michael Frédérick HORN, known as Mike HORN, has made his dreams come true.

Fascinated, since his earliest childhood, by the danger and beauty of Nature, he has lived his every moment to the full, convinced that his Life is the only thing of value he possesses.

A graduate in Human Movement Science, he moved to Switzerland in the 1990s to become a ski and paragliding instructor, before setting off to conquer the Earth through breathtaking expeditions.

For more than 20 years, Mike HORN has been "pushing the boundaries of human achievement, carrying out exceptional feats of endurance, determination and courage".

From the Andes mountain tops to Antarctica on skis, after his descent of the Amazon river by hydrospeed and the around the world trip by sail and on foot along the Equator, without forgetting his bitter battle against extreme cold in the Arctic, which cost him some frostbite, Mike HORN is unquestionably one of the greatest explorer adventurers of modern times.

His new book "Ice Survivor" is an account of his latest expedition from the North Pole to the South Pole without a motorised vehicle. Further proof, as if any was needed, of his pugnacity and his awe for mother nature.

Stopping off in Brussels, Mike HORN will come and tell us all about his unusual and breathtaking journeys. A model for life for some and, why not, travel ideas for others.

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