Sophie Wilmes


Born in Ixelles on 15 January 1975. Sophie Wilmes spent her childhood in Grez-Doiceau (Wallonia), then her teenage years in Brussels, where she also studied before moving to Rhode-Saint-Genèse. After graduating in applied communication, majoring in publicity, at the IHECS (Institut des Hautes Etudes de Communications Sociales), she entered the European Commission and became a financial manager. She then completed her training with a Financial Management degree taken at evening classes at the Institut Supérieur Saint-Louis, before taking on the job of economic and financial advisor at a business lawyers’ practice.

When she was first elected Deputy Mayoress of Rhode-Saint-Genèse, she decided to focus entirely on the management of the municipality.

After this, she was elected to the Provincial Council, then to the House of Representatives, before being elected President of the Brussels Suburbs MR (Reformist Movement) party.

She joined the federal government on 21 September 2015, where she held the position of Budget and Civil Service Minister, responsible for the national lottery and for science policy.

From 27 October 2019 to Thursday 1 October 2020, she was Prime Minister.

In 2020, she became Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Affairs and External Trade, and of the federal cultural institutions. Working for the benefit of the community has always guided all her professional and political choices. Day after day she strives to improve the day-to-day life of all, working dynamically, thoroughly and transparently. Her political actions are guided by the liberal values the Reformist Movement defends.

Committed to a united Belgium and to its different communities, she desires to live freely in an environment where everybody's rights are respected.

One year away from the elections, Sophie WILMES is French-speaking Belgians’ favourite celebrity, both in Brussels and in Wallonia.

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